100 things to learn before you’re 10


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‘100 Things to Learn before you’re 10’ is an educational book to help parents. Drawing on 40 years teaching experience, it explains why every child would benefit from the little extra help it provides during their formation years.

This book is packed with examples, activities, insights and stories. It helps show you how to make sure your children learn the skills they need to get the most out of school and life. Give your child what they really need so that they become happier, more confident and self assured as they learn. They will grow to be well rounded adults!

It is during the first 12 years after birth that each life develops the framework for its future.

Parents who are juggling the demands of modern life and work, while they are raising their children ask many questions. They may often feel their children ‘could do better’ and become very concerned if a child’s school report highlights this. However, many parents aren’t confident with changing children’s attitudes, what to teach or how to really motivate and encourage them. Especially if the children have ‘switched off’ and no longer respond to what their parents say.

This book addresses these issues and questions and looks at the reasons why so many children underperform at school and what can be done about aligning them at core, so that they stay connected to the positive influences that are in them at birth. It puts forward tried and tested lessons, tools and strategies that have been developed during forty years of teaching experience and have been repeatedly proven effective with children.

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The book also includes a list of the most loved books for children aged 4 to 12 years old.

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