Go Slow to Grow


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Busy business owner and coach, Jackie Jarvis, shares her personal journey with honesty and humour. Reaching a point in her life when she felt an urge to slow down and be truer to her heart’s desire, she found that the struggle with herself was the biggest challenge of all.

She writes about what many of us, living busy, fast paced lives feel. She touches on what deep down we all have the greatest longing for but at the same time are afraid to reach out for, and afraid to give ourselves permission to have.

If, like Jackie, you listen to ‘The Voice of Slow’ and what it has to say to you, you will become inspired to follow her path to slowing down, stressing less and enjoying life more.

Read slowly to appreciate the important messages here for you.

*This book is based on an earlier version titled ‘In Pursuit of Slow’.’ In Pursuit of Slow’ was an Amazon Bestseller in the Top 50 Self Help category.

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