I Am Sound 2nd Edition


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A unique essay about Science and Metaphysics in which the author Alex Red Kenaton shifts the readers awareness by disclosing precious information. It is a stream of consciousness depicting many reflections and dialogues revealing a loose interior monologue connection characterised by some associative leaps in thought. This uncommon book is held together by the author’s passion for science, spirituality and an unrelenting search for truth.

Alex Red Kenaton is a multifaceted scholar working in different fields of study: Humanistic Social Sciences, Physical Natural Sciences, and Metaphysical Philosophical Sciences. These areas have allowed him to acquire a broad interdisciplinary understanding of human life. As a new author, he compares the latest scientific discoveries in physics to spiritual and religious texts, often finding commonalities. One of his deeps beliefs is that people have been searching for a way to understand if they have power in their lives for centuries. He thinks that this mastery exists, is real, and is located, not just metaphorically, in our hearts. Alex Red Kenaton inspires people to step into joy, to live fully and with life’s presence, without fleeing or getting caught in protective bubbles. He trusts that by assuming responsibilities, it is possible to live all the aspects of life without separation, always knowing that the external reality reflects our consciousness and nothing more.


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