Risk and Your Supply Chain: Preparing for the Next Global Crisis


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In 2020, the world experienced what many supply chain and procurement professionals dubbed “the most significant disruptive crisis of our time”. The COVID-19 pandemic brought disruption to categories, markets, and physical networks across the globe at a scale unseen in modern times.

Unprecedented. Unparalleled. Unmatched. Common rhetoric around the crisis paints a picture of a truly unique event—something that nobody could have seen coming, or adequately prepared for. But looking back, we know that’s not really the case.

While undeniably unique (and inarguably tragic) in some of its impacts and consequences, this was at its heart a crisis like many others experienced over the past few decades—a fact that it’s extremely important for supply chain teams to acknowledge.

If we convince ourselves that this was an event nobody could prepare for, we validate not adequately preparing for the next crisis of this scale. We perpetuate a continuous cycle of disruption, where lessons are never learned and disruption itself is seen as an unavoidable constant in the supply chain.

In this book, Omer Abdullah and Subash Chandar challenge that approach, looking in detail at the lessons learned from historical crises, stripping risk back to its basics, and offering practical insights to help procurement leaders move forward from this (or any other) crisis with confidence.

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